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PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile M249 is a light machine gun that players can find in the airdrops. Being an airdrop weapon, it is unique, mostly because of its insane firing rate and overall ammo. Groza, surpassing AUG A3 ,is the best gun for assaulters in PUBG Mobile Lite. This AR has high hit damage, a high rate of fire, and acceptable recoil. Groza is also the most stable gun among 7.62 weapons in this game. That's why it's only spawned in the airdrop to maintain the balance Air Drops are random equipment drops from airplanes in BATTLEGROUNDS. 1 Summary 1.1 Flare Drops 2 Update history 3 Air Drop Items 3.1 Weapons 3.2 Attachments 3.3 Clothing 3.4 Equipment 3.5 Consumables 4 Gallery 4.1 Related Achievements Air Drops or Care Packages are random equipment drops that come randomly timed during matches from passing C-130s which may contain ammunition, weapons or. OUR DISCORD SERVER JOIN NOW ️= https://discord.gg/FvFEVvW[ROAD TO 200K] :) ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️NAME = ARUN SINGH PARIHAR/ShiveshAGE = 16 YEARS HOBBY.

The adrenaline syringe is the only airdrop exclusive healing item. When used it gives 100% boost, allowing for high healing over time and a running speed boost. Easiest Way To Obtain An Airdrop Note: Due to RNG, this does not have a 100% success rate, but is the easiest way to capture an airdrop and practice with the airdrop exclusive weapons Here is also the best gun airdrop. Apparently the best gun in PUBG Lite right now. Guns injure enemies with excessive domestic costs. Works well with a connected suppressor. The gun fires with 7.5mm ammunition and only finds it in the airdrop Rules to use Flare Gun in PUBG Lite. Remaining airdrops left will be displayed to the only player in a team using the flare gun. You need to shoot the flare gun into the sky, at least above 200m. PUBG Lite ESPPUBG Lite Aimbot ESP Hack 0.21.0 Download 2021.ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) cheats give you the upper-hand in online games to see objects, NPCs or players through walls and terrain. This feature can display information like player names, health, where they're looking, and much more In PUBG Mobile Lite's arsenal, the AKM and Scar both belong to the Assault Rifle category. The high recoil of AKM, however, makes it challenging for players to utilize it at mid-range

Best gun in PUBG Mobile: AirDrop Weapons AWM. The AWM is the most damaging weapon in the game. All the weapons from airdrops in PUBG Mobile are amazing and you should definitely grab one if you are able. However, amongst those guns, the AWM is probably the best of them all Since PUBG Mobile free download is a successful battle royale game, the in-game weapons continuously receive improvements to make them better in use. Players can use guns from categories, for instance, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, submachine guns, etc. For the rare weapons, they spawn less often than others

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  1. Pubg Flare Gun Trick. The Pubg flare gun trick is all about finding the flag gun in the game. However, we would like to disclose that there is no specific trick that will get you the airdrop or the flare gun. But we are going to share some tips using which the probability to find the flare gun will increase in the game
  2. New flare gun in PUBG! Now I can call in an absurd amount of airdrops, good times. I've been sick these last few days, and still am. Discord - https://disco..
  3. There are several new additions with the 0.16.0 update including new maps, weapons, modes, flare gun and a lot more! Finally, the developers have also introduced the flare gun in PUBG Mobile Lite. It will call the airdrop when you fired into the sky. Besides this, like PUBG Mobile new picnic locations have also been added to the Erangel map.
  4. Weapons. Added Flare Gun to all maps. Remaining airdrops left will be displayed only to the players who hold the Flare Gun. Aim and shoot the Flare Gun toward the sky to receive a Special Airdrop or Armored UAZ. Must be shot above 200m into the sky to receive the airdrop. Armored UAZ Can be called from outside of the Safe Zone or in the Blue Zone
  5. PUBG Mobile Handguns Guide - PUBG Handguns list. PUBG Mobile Handguns - #1 Flare. Ammunition: Flare. The Flare weapon is an incredibly uncommon weapon that when discharged, hires a personalized air drop that goes down a bigger amount of very valuable tools compared to the common airdrop
  6. Since there is a wide array of guns featured in the mobile version of PUBG, it is important to know which guns are good options! Each of the weapons has different characteristics and stats. In case you are in the bewilderment of not knowing what guns to use, here's a gun guide covering the top 5 weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Sanhok weapons. QBZ95 Ammo: 5.56. Struggling to find the SCAR-L on Sanhok? In the PUBG new map the SCAR-L has been replaced by the Chinese QBZ95, a modern bullpup assault rifle. This world. A Review Of PUBG Mobile Lite Available On Low-End Mobile Phones This article is a review of PUBG Mobile Lite that was specially designed to meet the needs of players who only have low-end mobile phones. PUBG Top 3 Airdrop Weapons In PUBG Mobil The Pubg Mobile Lite has many guns that can be used by the players in the game. To know which gun is best in Pubg lite, Best Gun in Pubg Mobile Lite read this article. The complete list of Best Gun in Pubg Mobile Lite is given below along with its features ; Skorpion - 22 Damage. Skorpion

1 pubg moblie lite tips and tricks in hindi; 2 Last words. 2.1 Related; pubg moblie lite tips and tricks in hindi. दोस्तों हमने बहुत बार देखा है की Pubg game खेलते समय कुछ Pro Player होते है, जो गेम में किसी को भी टिकने नहीं देते है, भले. ALSO READ: PUBG update 6.3 goes live on Test Server with Panzerfaust, other changes. Stadium . It is one of the most popular loot spots in Veranga. This massive, square-shaped building attracts a lot of hot droppers since it is located right in the middle of the map. It offers a good range of guns, health kits, and consumables Every pubg player want Flare gun and know the importance of it. Flare gun is a red gun which is use to get a airdrop. Flare Gun is the rarest item and hard to find in all maps. Everyone wants to know Pubg flare gun locations in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi . Here I will tell you some places where you can find flare gun new airdrop guns in pubg, new airdrop hindi, new airdrop instant withdraw malayalam, new airdrop instant, new airdrop instant withdraw bangla, new airdrop no kyc, new airdrop without kyc, new legit airdrop, pubg lite new airdrop, latoken new airdrop, new id me airdrop, cryptocurrency best app, cryptocurrency airdrop 2020, cryptocurrency apps fo Descarga gratuita de Oh no 3 flare airdrop in same place pubg mobile rush gameplay MP3. Descargue el archivo mp3 Oh no 3 flare airdrop in same place pubg mobile rush gameplay a una calidad de audio de 320 kbps. Archivo de música Oh no 3 flare airdrop in same place pubg mobile rush gamepla

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Sebagian pemain gim PUBG Lite sudah melihat fitur senjata flare gun lewat PUBG Mobile. Meskipun sama, namun cara menggunakannya berbeda sesuai versi gimnya. Flare gun telah tersedia hampir di semua peta PUBG Lite. Akan tetapi, flare gun memiliki kekhususan dalam pemakaiannya. Dengan flare gun, Anda dapat memanggil airdrop ke lokasi yang menurut. PUBG Mobile Guides Jul 20, 2020. Top 3 Airdrop Weapons In PUBG Mobile Today, pubgmobileworld.com would talk about top 3 airdrop weapons in the game that are commonly used in PUBG Mobile combats The most powerful sniper in PUBG Mobile is AWM. It is an exclusive airdrop weapon which can penetrate a level 3 helmet and knock down the enemy in just 1 bullet. Most players would choose this sniper at any condition. Submachine Gun (SMG) 3. UMP45. This is one of the most underrated weapons in PUBG Mobile Semi-sniper guns: SKS, SLR, Mk14 (only found in airdrop), Mini14, and QBU. Snipers: Kar98k, M24, and AWM (only found in the airdrop). Light machine gun: M249 (only found in the airdrop). You can attach a canted sight to many guns in PUBG Mobile Those are things you need to know about canted sight in PUBG Mobile Flare Gun is the most-rare weapon in PUBG. It's actually not functional as an enemy killing weapon in PUBG but you can say it's a game-changer. Through this article, we will be talking about everything about the Flare gun. A flare gun is the lowest respawned item in PUBG. And it's similar to getting a hand on an Airdrop even in your pocket

M416 (The Chosen One) Assault rifle. Ammo: 5.56mm. Damage: 41. Range: 100-600 meters. Fire Rate: 0.086 secs. Bullet Speed: 880. It is ranked second in the list of best guns in PUBG, ahead of the AWM. It has various modifications, including a sight and muzzle, grip, magazine, and stock; the highest rate in any AR game PUBG Guns Specifications, Damage, Firing rate, Recoil (Updated 2021) Hello folks, Here I am going to tell you about damages, recoil and firing rates of all PUBG Guns. In short I am going to tell you PUBG Guns Specifications. PUBG is full of variety of guns which consists of Assault Rifles, Small Machine guns, Large Machine guns and Sniper Rifles Explore PUBG weapon tier lists from GOSU.AI. All in the one place Ohh that is easy to tell. Bullet has higher damage = less time to kill the enemy/to get killed. Which means to dodge, you need faster reflexes/ skills. But in lower phones, the reso, frames, everything will be low. For this very reason, even a cap..

Download PUBG Lite Hack Features of PUBG Lite Hack [Unlimited Health] Auto-Aim (Aimbot) The aimbot mind undoubtedly the most remarkable of all PUBG Litle Hacks out there for download, basically on the grounds that naturally pointing and shooting isn't just acceptable at getting you to slaughter and hence great plunder, great weapons, ammunition, recuperating things, caffeinated drinks, drugs. Tommy Gun 40. PP-19 Bizon 35. MP5K 33 * Vector 31 * Micro UZI 26. DBS 26 9. S1897 26 9. S686 26 9. S12K 24 9. Sawed-Off 20 9. R45 65. R1895 64. Deagle 62. P1911 42. P92 34. P18C 23. Skorpion 22. Pan 80. Crowbar 60. Machete 60. Sickle 60. Jumping Punch 38. Info for PUBG version — Generated 2021/06/30 contact. If you want to get the Groza in your classic match, you have to follow the Airdrop then pick it up to use. Above is the list of best weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. If you are in search of a gun that helps you headshot enemies or deals high damage, then you should think about all the aforementioned guns The Flare gun a pistol type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. 1 Summary 2 Update history 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 Weapon audio 6 References The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that when fired, calls in a custom air drop that drops a larger amount of highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary air drop. Once a flare is fired straight up into the air and reaches an altitude of 200 meters, a.

Pubg lite AIM. Cheat demo Pubg Lite Cheat for Pubg lite has mainly loot display functions of your choice. Enemy displays and anti-recoil. The video shows the gameplay with a cheat, as well as using the menu that is invoked using the F6 or Home key. We see enemies through the walls Our cheat for pubg lite includes the following ESP features Only the players using Flare Gun can see the airdrop remaining. In order to call for a unique airdrop or armored UAZ, you should aim and shoot your Flare Gun toward the sky. Especially, before the airdrop in PUBG Lite PC appears, you must fire above 200m into the mid-air

Event To Get Free Gun skin in Pubg Mobile Lite. सबसे पहले हम बात कर लेते हैं Pubg Mobile Lite में Event के बारे मे जैसा कि आप सभी जानते ही हैं Pubg Mobile Lite में 7 से 15 दिनों के बीच में कोई ना कोई नया Event आ ही. An assault rifle can be a really good option if used with a suppressor. It uses a grip and grip, which makes it ideal for long-distance shots. Image Credit: PUBG Gambia Best AR Guns in PUBG Mobile: Extremely Powerful. QBZ-95 The QZZ95 is a blueprint assault rifle that uses 5.56 mm ammunition in 30 rounds PUBG Mobile Lite has some of the most versatile weaponry in the mobile battle royale genre, from pistols to Sniper Rifles. Players can carry two primary weapons and a secondary weapon (Pistol). With so many options in weapons, it is tough for players to choose the ideal weapon combination Is AirDrop worth it.? Another cool aspect of PUBG Mobile is the Airdrop loot that brings the unique item. These unique items you won't really get in the game. Well, with the Airdrop you will get AWM Sniper, M249 machine gun, GROZA, RPG, 8x scope, Ghillie suit, etc. Let me tell you these are lethal weapons in their own league Every PUBG Mobile player wants to know which are the best guns to use in PUBG. Well, this guide is tailored for beginners since they need to get easy chicken dinners. And want to master Pubg mobile guns as fast as possible. These are the easy and most required guns you need to master in PUBG: Most Recommended Esports Courses for Pubg

Summary - The Mk14 is the strongest DMR because it offers the most damage and features an automated mode. In response to us, the MK14 is the fastest killer gun in PUBG as a result of it deals sniper harm. The flare guns do not do any harm to the enemies if fired at them. Players can discover a flare gun here AKM is the next PUBG PC assault rifle that you should use. AKM is also one of the best assault rifles in PUBG PC game dealing the damage of 49. The gun is an upgraded edition of the original AK-47. It can go with a lot of attachments, including sights, magazines, etc. Similar to Groza, AKM also uses 7.62mm - a strong type of ammo in the game

Pubg Mobile Lite Tricks and Tips . Pubg Mobile Lite 0.20 Feature Updates. Some people ask for a flare gun in Pubg Mobile Lite and now it's available in Virginia Spring Update. Varenga Spring update: Picnic Baskets with Flare Guns and Paint Grenades can be found under some Cherry Blossom trees Pubg 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free. Popular Pubg 3D models View all . No results. Download 3D model. Starlie -Fortnite. 996 Views 0 Comment. 26 Like Unlike. Download 3D model gun pubg-buildings game legs jacket. If you do not find a good sniper and assault rifle gun, then you can also loot the airdrop. A good gun can make you a chicken dinner, so always try to find a good gun. 3. Helmet. Safety is very important in all work, whether it is games or reality. So in the same way safety is important in the Pubg game too Pubg Mobile Lite is now available for iOS devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/6 in the USA, and the UK. PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS is a lite version of the original PUBG Mobile which is developed for low specifications Mobile devices. Pubg Mobile lite is the compressed version that is developed by lowing down the game size


  1. Categories PUBG Tags pubg lite flare gun location, pubg lite me flare gun kaha milti hai Post navigation Best VPN to Play PUBG Mobile Lite in India 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite Settings के बारे में पूरी जानकारी हिंदी मे
  2. Elitehack - high grade undetected cheat for PUBG Lite, working almost on any systems. Windows: 10 CPU: Intel and AMD ESP Players Show teammates Skeleton Head Boxes Distance Player Names Lines Health 2D Radar ESP Items AirDrop Weapons Ammo Magazines Scopes Grips Bags Transport Helments Armor AidBo..
  3. It is lite in size so it can be another good lightweight alternative to PUBG. Handling is good and graphics are also too good. The only problem with this game is its speed, its running speed is slow. This game is little similar to PUBG, a player has airdrop to battlefield and has to search for weapons and resources
  4. You likely already know PUBG's assault rifles can do some serious damage, and the overall best weapon found throughout any map or in any weapon category is the M416. Not only can it utilize all.
  5. ated guns and festive paint bombs. With the Flare Gun, players will be able to order a superior airdrop. What's New in PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.16.0 Latest Versio


Regarding this, the sound volume adjustment of the airdrop plane (general air drop, airdrop through flare gun) was done in the range of not interfering with the game balance. We are currently working on modifying areas that can be modified and will continue to update you on the sound issue through the patch notes GridGames.ID - Game Playerunknown`s Battleground (PUBG) atau PUBG Lite adalah versi terbaru yang lebih ringan. Dibandingkan dengan PUBG Mobile, kali ini PUBG Lite memiliki recoil yang hampir sama dengan PUBG PC.. PUBG Lite dirilis Tencent untuk pemilik PC dengan spek menengah agar juga bisa menikmati permainan yang tengah digandrungi saat ini.. Game PUBG di 2019 bisa dibilang menjadi masa yang. PUBG Lite Hack 0.20.3 [Unlimited Health, BC, No Recoil. PUBG Lite is a free-to-play adaptation of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, allowing those with less access to high end hardware to enjoy the same thrilling situations and intense gunplay PUBG fans around the world have come to love

Best Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile. 1. Groza. Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles that you can take to the virtual battleground. The weapon is best suited for mid-to-close-range engagements and can easily take down enemies with a single shot. It also offers a decent rate of fire at 7.62mm We can also call them confiscated weapons as they are all comes with the best attachments and skin build. So, here are the 4 types of Ancient Sanhok Weapons you can get from the PUBG Loot trucks-Lunchmeat's AKM with 4x Scope, extended mag, and a suppressor. Dunchan's M416 with 4x scope, extended mag, grip, stock, and compensator Sniper Rifles (SR) in PUBG PUBG Guide and Tips. 0. Post Comment. 3. 11. Next Weapons Assault Rifles (AR) Prev Weapons Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Sniper Rifles in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds are the most-wanted weapons. They are quite rare and difficult to obtain (and some of them are available from supply drops) and they require a. PUBG LITE is a Battle Royale shooter that you can enjoy on your laptop and even in the low-end PC. You will play with a maximum of 100 players, in a struggle for survival. Gather weapons, vehicles.

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  1. Sadly, it doesn't deal any actual damage to another player; the flare gun is useless as a last-ditch weapon if you're surrounded. Instead, it calls in a care package airdrop. You can't call a care package until after the first blue circle. This is to prevent an early advantage. But you can still fire the gun before that point, which is a waste.
  2. Assault rifles are the most useful weapons to have in the game (due to stability and range) and feature a massive amount of damage. All you need to do is to equip your assault rifle with right kind of attachments and win a Chicken Dinner. Assault Rifles are the crème de la crème of PUBG weapons and following are the detailed stats
  3. In PUBG 4.3 update, gamers will experience the unprecedented powerful Shotgun gun. DBS is one of the best PUBG guns for players. The damage of this weapon can be up to 234 and will be a new choice of warriors. This damage can make all the best defensive equipment like helmet 3, armor 3 useless
  4. LMG (Light Machine Gun) (close to mid-range): DP-28, M-249 SMG (Submachine Guns) (close to mid-range): Micro UZI, Tommy Gun, PP-19 Bizon, MP5K, UMP45, Vector Good PUBG Weapon Combinations. Every weapon type has a specific purpose in the game, forcing a single weapon to fulfill all your shooting requirements will just lead to misfiring, wasted ammo, and a bad game experience

DBS is a new gun added in pubg Mobile's recent update. It can only be obtained in drops. It is a double-barreled pump-action shotgun and could only be found in Airdrops. The gun uses 12-gauge shotgun ammo and can be equipped with Red Dot, Holograp.. The light version of the famous PUBG game was released in 2019. Its target audience is players whose computers are not too new and powerful. You might fail to launch the standard PUBG on such a device but the light variant should run smoothly. You will need to sacrifice only the quality of the visuals. The rules of the game will not change Private cheat for the game PUBG Lite - Crooked Arms, from a well-known team of developers. In their Arsenal there is a popular software for the game varzon, which is played by thousands of users around the world. Specifically, this cheat, for Pubg lite, is created on the same principle and similarity. It includes all the necessary functions from the exact aimbot, to the drawn ESP of enemies Discussion on Pubg Lite/Pubg - Cheats + Radar ! Undetected within the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Trading forum part of the Shooter Trading category. 02/14/2020, 18:2

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  1. g selection (head / neck / chest / pelvis) Recoil compensation x.
  2. Air / Display airdrop. Crosshair / Display crosshairs in the middle of the screen. Attach / Display scopes. Attach Top / Show only top scopes. Weapon / Display weapon. Weapon Top / Show only top weapons. Ammo / Display Ammo. Grenade / Display grenades. RADAR. Draw / Activate radar (Radar distance 100m) When buying a cheat for Pubg Lite.
  3. PUBG MOBILE LITE is smaller in size and compatible with more devices with less RAM, yet without compromising the amazing experience that attracted millions of fans around the world! PUBG MOBILE LITE features fast-paced matches and a smaller map made for 60 players, providing a more exhilarating combat experience in the traditional PUBG MOBILE.
  4. Rare Items: 8. SLR. SLR stands for Self Loading Rifle, which is the most powerful DMR besides MK14 and it's extremely hard to find one, and it is available in all the maps. In Maps like Sanhok, it's really hard to get hands-on this weapon. Most of the players will relate to that, SLR is the rarest weapon to find in this game

PUBG weapons damage stats become increasingly important as you begin to think more competitively about how you play the game. This is the guide that show's every existing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS New Weapon Skins. Enjoy. Different weapon stats are important at different times; DPS isn't very important for sniper rifles, but it's one of the most important stats for SMGs With the Flare Gun, players will be able to order a super airdrop. PUBG Lite V0.16. | Illuminated gun Varenga Spring. WordPress Magazine. The most important features of the update of the new Publisher Lite 2020. PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.16.0 - In this latest new update, developers include Golden Woods map, Firefight Game mode, and one UAZ. The AWM is the illustrious and the best gun in PUBG Mobile. Found only in airdrops, it fires .300 magnums. The bullet velocity of this rifle makes it pretty easy to lead shots upwards of 200 meters. This is the only rifle in PUBG Mobile which can completely destroy a fresh Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet. #3 AKM (AR) How to Use VSS Sniper Rifle in PUBG. First, let me tell you the ideal conditions of using the VSS. Advertisements. Kill Stationary targets. Hit the enemy in a close range [within 200-300 meters] Distract the enemy by taking advantage of the subsonic sound

Tips for handling Airdrop during PUBG Mobile gameplay Timing: For the perfect Airdrop shot, timing is crucial as the flare and smoke from the crate are visible to all 100 players on the server, and you might end up having unwanted guests at your party 3) AUG A3. AUG A3 is a 5.56mm compatible gun. This assault rifle can only be taken in PUBG Mobile's flare and normal airdrops. You can find it easier to operate, and that it makes this AR the most popular assault rifle in Pubg among new and professional gamers. Factors If you are Looking for Best Pubg Status in 2021 Then you are in the Right Place, Here we Write All the Latest Statuses about PUBG Guns Status Like, M416 Status, BGMI Status and many more Attitudes Pubg Status Images in 2021 along With Emoji Status. Looking For PUBG Status Download and PUBG Status in 2021 then Please Checkout they are Literally Osm. I hope you also Love them and Please Visit. Controls. In order to perform a dive, jump into the body of water then while on the surface, align your perspective downwards then hold the W key. This causes the player to become fully submerged. To submerge yourself again, simply press and hold CTRL key. The latter can be performed without having to tilt downwards Win94. Image via PUBG Corp. The Win94 is a lever-action rifle that uses .45 ACP rounds. It holds eight shots per clip and hits for 66 base damage, making it the weakest out of base snipers that.

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AQUILA PUBG LITE CHEAT. DESCRIPTION. The program includes the necessary functions that can be adjusted directly in the game itself. A week we tested the program for the presence of bans, as a result we got a good updated product that is already available for you. Functional: == Aim == - Enable = Limits: - radius - speed = Goal: - bone - Button. Measure the distance between the player and the safe point. Measuring the distance may help as it will help the player decide whether or not he should fuel the vehicle.If the player requires a bit of a hike to get to the safe point then, it would be wise to refuel the vehicle as walking may take long. This also is important if the player decides to land in Sonosvka Military Base in which. Accordingly, we provide you the best TECHYSADY esp and precise aimbot for bgmi pubg mobile version 0.14 season 19 hack for non-root. Most users of pubg mobile don't play with proness in the classic matches. Similarly, we have seen so many players can't even control the recoil of the gun PUBG Mobile has been there for a while now and undoubtedly is one of the best Battle Royale games on the mobile platform. Everyone loves the game because of what it offers to the players. Except for the intense battle royale matches, there are many other aspects such as distinct game modes, amazing graphics and the realism that makes PUBG Mobile the overlord in its territory

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PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update will be arriving soon on global servers, introducing a new set of updates and significant changes to the gameplay. Players are in a new era of the game with Erangel 2.0, cool events with unique rewards, and other new features. With the coming update, there will be much more to explore Read more Comments Off on Useful Tips To Shoot PUBG Mobile Flare Gun Effectively For Airdrop Weapons. PUBG News PUBG Updates. Full Update 7.3 Patch Notes For PUBG PC: New Gameplay Changes, Better Improvements For In-game Features, And New Bug Fixes. By admin - October 9, 2020 PUBG Lite weapons. A lightweight, semi-automatic rifle made in the US. Small in name, big in damage. The standard designated marksman rifle of the US army, The MK14's selective fire option gives versatility in both close range and mid-to-long range combat. A bullpup-style semi-automatic rifle made in the People's Republic of China PUBG LITE Survivor's Guide Top 10 Powerful Guns/Weapons in PUBG MOBILE with Weapon Guide 11:18.

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